Panel Air Filter

Panel Air Filter Frame:Galvanized Size:595*595*21mm,can be customized Efficiency:G2,G3 Final resistance:(suggest) 100Pa -200Pa Temp resistance:100 degree Transport Package:Carton Packing,with plywood outside
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Panel Air Filter

Frame: Galvanized

Size: 595*595*21mm, can be customized

Efficiency: G2, G3

Final resistance: (suggest) 100Pa-200Pa

Temp resistance: 100 degree

Transport Package: Carton Packing,with plywood outside

Advantages of Panel Air Filter:

1. Stability,light weight

The stability of the panel air filter is very strong, it uses galvanized material, this material stability and various resistance and tolerance,far better than the traditional filter production material, which makes the filter prolong service life, can be better in the harsh production environment to complete the filtration work, and maintenance frequency will not be very high, prolong service life.

2. Can carry many functions

What is the cost-performance ratio of a filter device itself, and the function of the device itself is very related, if the device is carrying a relatively low function, can complete the type of filter work, if the Texas fine filter manufacturers have a variety of production requirements, it needs to have different functions of the filter. But the filter itself has high material strength, through reasonable design, can carry more filtering functions, manufacturers only need to buy a filter that can meet the demand,can complete a variety of production process filtering work.

3. Panel air filters are cheap

The material used is galvanized material, which is relatively high in strength and wide in use, but the price of this material is also relatively cheap, and the price of the filter produced by this material is not very expensive, and after the enterprise buys such filter equipment into production, the overall cost of filtering work will be reduced because of the low price of the equipment, and the price of various parts in the equipment is relatively cheap.

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