Bag Filter Media Roll

Medium efficiency MULTI bag air filter 1.introduce of the bag air filter this series of non-woven pocket filter ( bag filter / air filter) is using firm, leak-proof design, trilateral sealed to prevent retraction or avulsion.
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F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 Synthetic Pocket Filter Media Roll

It is an extended surface air filter designed for most medium and high efficiency air filtration systems.This broad spectrum of styles and models make the main pack extremely versatile and suitable for almost any commercial or industrial air handling systems.

F7 Filter Roll

Air Filter Pocket

Synthetic fiber media consist of one layer of spun bound on each side for strength and stability, one coarse fiber melt-blown layer for filtration of larger particles and one fine melt-blown layer for filtration of smaller particles.This media is extremely durable and non-shedding. Using a variety of materials, the range of filtration efficiency can be spanned from 45-50% to 90-95% and > 95%.



High density, large dust capacity, extended service life. 

Low initial resistance and high efficiency.

Different efficiency, different colors.

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