Bag Filter F5

Model NO:SAF Frame:Aluminum alloy Filter element:Compound nonwoven fabric,glass fiber Color:F5(White) Temperature and humidity:80 degree,80%
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Bag Filter F5

Can bag filters be cleaned?

Air conditioning bag filter generally choose F5 to F8 bag filter, many pharmaceutical factory users friends asked me whether the bag filter can be cleaned, here solemnly said that air-conditioning bag filter cannot be cleaned, because of the high efficiency of the bag filter, the use of the filter is generally loaded with electrostatic ultra-fine melt-blown composite filter material, once the water will cause damage to its structure, will also disappear, the efficiency and the strength of the filter bag has a great impact, so the air conditioning bag filter cannot be cleaned!

Basic Info

Model NO: SAF

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Filter element: Compound nonwoven fabric, glass fiber

Color: F5(White)

Temperature and humidity: 80℃, 80%

Filtration Grade: Medium Filter

Origin: Shenzhen, China

Specification: Customized

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