How to find the right air filter ? How to combine pre-medium -Hepa filter:

- Apr 09, 2018-

As a professional air purification manufacturer, How to recommend  air filters suitable for customers? There are four basic points need to acknowledge:

                                                                                                                                                                                              Recommend what efficiency of air filters need to find out about which industry it in: If we recommended efficiency is much higher air filter, customer will feedback the air volume is small, there will be not enough air through! If recommended the HEPA filter that efficency can't reach the industry level, the result will be the cleanliness less than the required level, acceptance is not through and recommend customers to user what the efficiency of the filter must find out the following:                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Gas-Phase Filters

The purification level of clean room, 300 thousand, 100 thousand, 10 thousand, 1000 level recommend to adopt three stage filtration: the pre air filter(coarse air filter)G3-G4,and the medium efficiency  air filterF6-F8, and HEPA air filter H13. For example the Phamacy workshop, food workshop, cosmetics workshop,photoelectric workshop and so on.The recommend of three to four stage filtration(add sub high efficiency filter)for 1000 clean level and 100 clean level dust-free workshop,and the HEPA air filter recommend H14 efficiency.

Hospitals, biological pharmacy,and disease control centers and blood centers such likes demand high air quality control company or department, recommend four stage filtration(pre air filter--medium air filter---sub HEPA filter---HEPA filter)because the uniot is very strict with pollution control, but pollution to the environment occurs once every replace air filter, so need very strict control of pollution sourses, every time you change the air filter, you will have environmental pollution.So add another Sub efficiency HEPA filter that generally made of fiberglass have high dust capacity to protect the HEPA filters,same time no need to frequently to replacement the terminal HEPA filter,therefor reduce the pollution chances. 

Air volume demands:

Almost every with electric exhaust unit dust-free workshop demands very harge air volume, such as:car coating,cosmetics shell coating, plastic shell coating, name plate decoration, glasses spraying those industrieds very big air volume is needed, and the amount of blast in must large than the air output.Because the air supply system is equipped with at least three levels filtration system,means thereare at least three layers resistance exist,but at the air outlet window no resistance equipment set, so the three stage air filter screen's resistance is higher lead to lesser the blast in air volume,the result is workshop become to negative pressure, the dust must come into cleanroom.Therefore the efficiency of HEPA filter used in such workshops should not be too high, and H10--H12 sub HEPA filters are recommend, to ensure the dust free coating workshop air volume demand.

H10 Sub-high efficiency Air Filter

Four-stars hotels, airports lounging,senior clubs, and office buidings'air conditioning system(HVAC system)are recommended to use primary and secondary filtration.This can reduce the numbe times of air conditioning duct cleaning. The cost of clening the duct equals 5 years changeable all stages air filters. Although add pre-filter and medium efficiency air filter(Medium and fine filters:M5--F9). Increase air conditioning load costs, but save cost in long term.

We recommend users load HEPA filter about 60% muximum rated air flow to configure the terminal box(air handing unit/ceilling air  flow box/air supply outlet unit),so that we can extend the air filter service life and reduce the energy consumption of electrical energy, such as 484*484*22 high efficiencyt air filter, the rated air flow is 1000/h, if use it as 600m³/h, the efficiency will improve to 99.999% efficiency air filter,and the service time longer .

Such as Hepa filter 484*484*220 maximum rated air flow is 1000/h, if under the 600m³/h air volume, the resistance will be 60%,that 220Pa*60%=132Pa, so why AAF comapniy labe1 110Pa on 1170*570*69 mini pleated HEPA filter? Because it's maximum rated air flow reach 1800/h in velocity 0.45m/s, when under 1000/h it's initial resistance must be 110Pa , In this condition is also be good for users, so why not.

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