Electronics manufacturing clean room and cleanliness characteristics

- Aug 29, 2018-

With the development of computer microelectronics and information technology, the rapid development of electronic manufacturing industry was promoted, it also drive the development of clean room technology. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the design of clean room , in order to reduce the defective rate and immprove the production efficiency of the electronic manufacturing industry, the dust-free workshop design is very comprehensive.


Electronics manufacturing clean room features:

High cleanliness is required, air volume, temperature and humidity , differential pressure , equipment exhaust control as required, In addition this kind of clean room requirements for static electricity are extremely strict, and the demand for humidity is particularly high.。 because too dry factory room is easy to produce static electricity, resulting in CMOS integration damage. Gererally speaking, the temprature of electronic factory should be controlled at avout 22, the relative humidity make people feel comfortable. Chip workshop, IC clean room, Disk manufacturing shop are important part of clean room. Because electronic products in the manufacturing process , the requirement to indoor air environment and quality is very strict. The main object is to control particles and dust. At the some time, the temperature and humidity of the environment, fresh air volume and noise have been made strict regulations.

1 ,Noise level in the electronics factory, 10thousand level clean room(empty state): no more than 65B(A)

2, Vertical flow clean room distribution ratio should not be less than 60%, Horizontal unidirectional flow clan room should not be less than 40%, otherwise it become to local unidirectional flow.

3, The static pressure difference between clean room and outdoor of electronic manufacturer should not be less than 10Pa. The static pressure difference between clean and non-clean areas should not be less than 5Pa

4 The amount of fresh air in a clean room of 10 thousand grade shall be the maximun of the following two items:   

1> The compensation chamber air out put and maintain positive indoor pressure required total amount of fresh air;

2> Ensure that the supply of fresh air per person in a clean room is not less than 40 per hour

Clean room HVAC system heater in electronic manufacturing  industry,fresh air should be provided, power off protection for over temperature. If using point humidification should be set no water protection, in cold areas the fresh air system should be provided with anti-freezing protection measures. The air supply volume of clean room shall take the following three in electronic manufacturer. According to heat and humidity loadto calculate and determine the air suppply of the clean room and the amount of fresh air supply.