Effectiveness of air filtration systems in poultry production

- Sep 25, 2018-

1> Application effect and application scope of air filtration system

Experimental data show that: After being treated by air filtration system, the egg laying period for poultry is approximately 2 week in advance, increase in eff production by 1.6%, mortality ruduction by 2%, feed conversion rate incresased, the cost of drug disinfection is gratly reduced. Chicken physical enhancement, the cycle was extended for 7~8 weeks.

Special materials are used in the air filtration system and advanced manufacturing technologe, and supporting scientific testing facilities, suitable for large and medium sized chicken farms, to eliminate or reduce the effectiveness of infectious diseases.

2> The influence of air quality on poultry production

Be the policy: Prevention is better than cure, maintain greater than prevention! Based on " artificial environment, equipment to raise chickens" completely cut off the source of the poultry epidemic: Provide a comfortable environment, poultry disease epidemic prevention system, eliminate and reduce the occurrence of poultry infectious diseases. We know that migratory birds carry and transmit viruses, feces is the main channel of transmission, the viruses they excrete though the action of wind and sand between 0.3 um and 1um, the particles carrying the virus drifted in the wind, enter the chicken coop through the air inlet or gap. Effectively block the "air source transmission" of pathogenic microorganisms to reduce the pathogen on the chicken invation.

3>  Installation and used of air filtration system

To install air filtration device t the air inlet of the chicken coop. Generally , it is equipped with 3 layers of filtration: 

The first layer air filtraion material use low resistance primary efficiency large dust capacity air filtration material. Filter PM2.5~PM 10 particles, efficiency ≥ 90%.

The second layer protects the first material and intercepts the leaking PM2.5~PM 10 particles. 

The third layer adopts the internationally advanced high efficient anti-bacterial and anti-virus air filtration material and low wind resistance, antibacterial coating was prepared on the fiber surface of air filter layer, could rapidly killing 650 species of bacteria and mold within 30 minutes, basically intercept or kill the particles that carry the virus outside the chicken coop, greatly reduced the air virus content in farming house.

After installing the air filtratrion system, collect the air particle number front and after the filter system(using particle laser counter). The average measure value indicated that the filtration efficiency of 0.3um reached 98%. The intercept  rate for viruses is 95% The filtration and killing rate of bacterial  virus reached to LoG6/ MERv16 standard, can intercept virus and salmonella carried by the aerosol in the air. and meet the ventilation requirement of 0.08 "water column, 20Pa.

High-pressure electrostatic cleaning and filtration, the advantage is no need to change the filter, However , this filtering method has the following disadvantages: One is that high pressure static elecrtricity produces ozone. Stardies have shown that humans and animals can be caicinogenic in ozone over time, it also stimulates the respiratory tract. Second, this kind of air purifiler filter level is relatively low, it can only absorb particles with diameter of 0.5 microns. But the filter level of ther filter omental can absorb 0.3 um particles. So the main air purifiers are membrane filtration, It is widely used in farms.

Abiofilter can also be installed at the outlet of the chicken coop. By inhaling harmful gases into biofilms, then the microbes in the biofilm decomposed into the gas into carbon dioxide, water and salt and use energy and nutrients to grow and reproduce. Well-designed and well-managed biofilters reduce odour and sulphur dioxide(H2s) and ammonia by up to 80%. Be certified it is an effictive way to remove odors and other gases from machni , cally ventilated  poultry houses and storage tanks.