Air filter leak detection basic knowledge

- Jun 04, 2018-

         Verification of air purification system

It consists of callibration of test instrument, installation confirmation, operation confirmation, clanliness measurement(verification) and other aspects

Installation confirmation of air handling equipment
1,Confirmation of air handling equipment used 

2,Confirmation of duct execution and installation

3,Confimation of air duct and air conditioning equipment cleaning

4,List of instruments and test instrumentused used in air conditioning equipment and             verification. report

5,Air purification system operation manual, SOP and chontrol standards 

6,Leak detection test of high efficiency filter


 HEPA filterleak detection purposes for

Discover the filters and their installation defects so that remedying action could be taken  HEPA filter is the key equipment to achieve high cleanliness air purification.It commonly used in cleaning rooms with a class of more than 100000 so identify the defects in the filter and its installation for remedial action is very important. There are  many clean rooms that air reasonably designed, but have not achieved the intended effect after the completion of the project installation, Tests have found either excessive levels of contaminated particles or bacteria, and often fail to find the real cause. In fact, this kind of thing is often caused by improper installation of HEPA filters.

The importance of leak detection

1,Leak detection test is the basis of particle measurement, which is as important as particle measurement.

2, leakagge testing and air velocity meet the requirements. Air flow uniformity is also within the specified  control range so the cleanliness is guaranteed.

Leak detection method
1 Aerosols are used as dust source cooperate with aerosols photometer.

Commonly used aerosol(DOP) it has multagenicity, Therefore, the polymerization-olefins(PAO) are usually adopted.

2, Atmospheric dust is the source of dust with the particle counter.

Because the photometer reading is instantanesous easy to scan, fast inspection speed, while the particle couter reads a cumulateve reading , it is not easy to scan and the inspection speed is slow ,also due to the atmospheric dust concentration on the windward side of HEPA is usually low, need to suplemen smoke to obviously and easy to detect. Terefore aerosol photometer leak detection metoud, just make up for the deficiency of particle counter method. therefore, the former is adopted more frequently.

Scope of leak detection

Filter media 

Connection part of frame and media 

Gasket and support part

Between supporting frame and wall or ceiling.

POA leak detection

1,Dust source POA solvent

2,Aerosol generator A device that produces smoke

3,Aerosol photometer.An instrumnent for the measurement and display of aerosol concentration

POA leak detection instrument

Aerosol generator backside r.jpg

Aerosol generator backside

Aerosol generator the right side .jpg

Aerosol generator the right side

Upstream concentration test aerosol photometer.png

    Upstream concentration test aerosol photometer

down stream concentration test aerosol photometer3.png

                        Down stream concentration test aerosol photometer