Wooden Frame Separator Industrial HEPA Filter

🌙Small resistance, large dust holding capacity, good wind speed uniformity.
🌙It is widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries where the cleanliness requirements are high in civil or industrial clean places.
🌙Customized design available.
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Product Details

Wooden Frame Separator Industrial HEPA Filter


1. High humidity resistant separator industrisal filter is mainly used to filter air suspended particles under 0.5um, as the end of various filtration systems. 

2. Filter material is made of high humidity resistant ultrafine glass fiber filter paper and separated by aluminum foil. Aluminum foil maintains the equidistant interval between each pleated paper, and the air flow is easy to pass through to ensure the effective utilization of the filter material and increase the strength. 

3. Filter are sealed with special sealant to ensure the sealing of the whole filter. Moisture resistance up to 100%. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low resistance, high dust capacity and high moisture resistance.


Frame: Wooden

Sealant: Polyurethane AB glue

Separator: Aluminum foil

Gasket: EVA

Filter material: Glass Fiber paper

Size: Can be customized

Filtration Grade: HEPA Filter

Efficiency: H13 H14

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