High Temperature Resistance HEPA Filter

Excellent high temperature resistance.
Suitable for clean drying oven, clean washing machine, pharmaceutical, high temperature sterilization equipment, chemical industry and other high-temperature air purification equipment and systems.
Different sizes and specification are available.
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Product Details

High Temperature Resistance HEPA Filter

Frame: 304 stainless steel

Sealant: 250°C resistance chemical red glue/Ceramic white glue

Separator: Aluminum foil

Filter material: Fiberglass

Temperature and humidity: 250-400°C, 80%

Product Overview

High Temperature Resistance HEPA Filter is especially designed to remove airborne contaminants in critical areas, in which high efficiency on fine particulate matter is required and where hot air is used during the production process. These filters are used in a broad range of industries, such as the production of pharmaceutics and food processing.

Components used for the assembly of this filter, are either specially selected for their heat resistance or because they are not severely affected by increased temperatures.

The cell sides are made of special hotdipped 304 stainless steel. This material has excellent characteristics at high temperatures and will easily regain its original dimensions after sudden temperature variations. The cell sides are mechanically put together with stainless steel pop rivets to ensure a permanent close fit.

Heat resistant corrugated aluminium seperators keep the pleats of the filter media apart. The uniform spacing between the pleats allows optimal air flow into and through the filter.

The media pack is thoroughly sealed to an expansion layer with a special, heat resistant sealant. The bond totally encapsulates the media edges and seperators, preventing bypass leakages. The sealant consists of ceramic based components.
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