Activated Carbon Air HEPA Filter For Air Purifier

Activated Carbon Air HEPA Filter for Air Purifier(Hepa composite filter ) is our newly developed to efficiently filter to remove obsorb harmful odor and micro duty products. Honeycomb as support, high activation temperature coating particle( Powder-like, columnar, granular) in the hole.
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Name : activated carbon air HEPA filter for air purifier

Frame : white paper frame

media : carbon

honeycomb :plastic honeycomb

protect net :grid cloth

Sealant :Polyurethane AB glue hot melt adhesive

Gasket : PU foam

Separator :hot melt adhesive


Activated carbon air HEPA filter for air purifier feature:

1. Good particle filtration
2. Filtering properties of high, the efficiency can reach 99%
3. Durability, using the life span over one year
4. Keeping the air clean, no harm for people's health
5. Small wind resistance, high dust-holding capacity, high filter efficiency.

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