The Box Type-temperature Filter 350°C

The Box Type-temperature Filter 350°C

The box type high-temperature filter complies with the most stringent FDA GMP requirements, and fits installations with operating temperatures up to 350°C(662°F). The high temperature filters are typically used in the pharma industry for depyrogenation tunnbels and ovens. Filter construction component gases and fumes are released during this pre-treatment procedure, ensuring that the filter will not contribute contamination to the manufacturing process.
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The Box Type-temperature Filter 350°C

Mechaniclal strong filter provides up to 99.95% efficiency. Full module standard size: 610x610mm

XN D-pyro is a totally new innovative air filter construction for high temperature environments requiring maximun production uptime and safety. It achieves H14 in the production " hot zone" with zero with zero emissions, zero tempering and zero cleaning because of the seal is airtight filter pack in a reinforced frame. The working temperature for absolute D-pyro is up to 350℃ to peaks at 400℃, absolute D-pyro is flexible in dimension with depth at 150mm &292 mm. There is different gasket for perfect fitting on the filter to prevent leakage. It also Higher productivity filter with fast ramping up(tested in lab environment to +5℃per minute ) .

Beside that, it also high compliance filter with ISO class 5 all across the tunnel. It also designed and manufactured under XN- Prosafe Quality& Certification Program. The filter is scanned according to EN 1822 with individual scan test report.


H13 in all Temp. range ≥99.95% and H14 in all Temp. Ranges ≥99.995% at MPPS with DECHS

Temperature resistant up to 350℃

Patented construction 

Zero tempering 

Zero Out gasing 

Prosafe + REACH compliance


HEPA filter protection for clean processes at high temperature, especially for life Scince(depyrogenation tunnels, ovens)
Stainless steel
Glass fiber
Aluminum foil
Inorganic polymer
700 Pa
Temperature: 350℃ with peaks up to 400℃

Remarks : ISO 5 under all production steps. Please note installation and assembly instructions: Other editions on request, or sizes)


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