Fan Filter Unit Filtro De Aire

Size: Can be customized Casing;Material: Alzinc; Fan: Low Vibration, Low Noise; HEPA Filter: 99.995%@>0.3micron(H14); HEPA Filter material: Glassfiber; Velocity:0.4-0.8m/s; Power: 135W; AC 220-240V Motor 50Hz; Clean level: Class 100
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Fan Filter Unit Filtro de aire

Size: Can be customized

Casing Material: Alzinc

Fan: Low Vibration, Low Noise

HEPA Filter: 99.995%@>0.3micron(H14)

HEPA Filter material: Glassfiber

Velocity: 0.4-0.8m/s

Power: 135W

AC 220-240V Motor 50Hz

Clean level: Class 100

FFU is a kind of air supply filter device with its own power, which is called fan filter unit in English, and has a modular end air supply device with filtering effect. The fan filter unit inhales the air from the top and filters through the hepa. The filtered clean air is uniformly sent out at a speed of about 0.45 m/s±20% throughout the air outlet.

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