HVAC Compact Filter

HVAC Compact Filter Frame : Plastic Size : 592*592*292mm Efficiency : H10 Material : Glass fiber Initial Resistance : 250Pa Origin : Shenzhen ,China HVAC compact filter expands the filter area,and is widely used in air clean room systems such as bio pharmaceuticals,automobiles,mechanical...
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HVAC Compact Filter

Frame: Plastic

Size: 592*592*292mm

Efficiency: H10

Material: Glass fiber

Initial Resistance: 250Pa

Origin: Shenzhen, China

HVAC compact filter expands the filter area, and is widely used in air clean room systems such as bio pharmaceuticals, automobiles, mechanical instruments, electronics, food and petrochemical light industry, with its unique mechanism design and stable and excellent filtration performance. Ventilation systems for common general purpose and commercial buildings.

HVAC compact filter products features :

1. The filter material is made of high-quality ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, and the unique V-shaped structure can minimize the structural resistance.

2. Sturdy frame structure, plastic frame (ABS).

3.High efficiency, large air volume, low operating cost, good sealing technology, easy installation and maintenance.
4. 100% of the whole product inspection factory.

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