Pharmaceutical Medium Box Air Filter With Bracket

XN-AERO-Cell" is a rigid air filter engineered to provide medium and high-efficiency filtration combined with a prolonged life cycle. It's box filter construction eliminates the need for retainers and special external wire media supports.
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Pharmaceutical Medium Box Air Filter With Bracket


The AERO-Cell perimeter frame is constructed of high strength, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel.  To prevent air bypass, the filter media is sealed to the frame on all sides. Filter integrity is maintained by pleat stabilizers which are bonded to both the air entry and air exit sides of the filter media.


Each AERO-Cell, filter utilizes a high - density filter media composed of ultra-fine glass fivers laminated to reinforced, high-strength nylon backing. The media is continuously bonded to expanded, corrosion-resistant, electro-galvanized steel which allows a 95% open face area.


Each AERO-Cell filter is constructed to meet Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. requirements for Class2 air filters. Class 1 model also available where required. 


To achieve a maximun dust holding capacity while minimizing pressure loss and replacement frequencies, The AERO-Cell incorporates aerodynamiclly wedge -shaped pleats into its design. The expandemetal backing and stationary pleat spacers allow consistent pleat configuration.


The AERO-Cell is capable of withstanding 7.0' w.g. pressure drops without noticeable media-packing deterioration, and will oprate to a final resistance of 1.5"w.g. Available in a variety of filtering efficiencies and sizes, the AERO-Cell will satisfy and effectively service most applications.

In variable Air Volume(VAV)applications, the AERO-Cell maintains consistent filtering performance throughout a full range of velocities.


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