High-Efficiency Fiberglass Rigid Air Filter

W-PAK filter contains moisture-resistant pleat stabilizers on both sides of the media pack. This ensures that the tapered pleat configuration will not be deformed through the service life or the filter. The design of the pleat stabilizer offers maximun media area and dust holding capacity, furthermore extending filter lifespan.
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High-Efficiency Fiberglass Rigid Air Filter

Air filters shall be the high-efficiency, deep-pleated disposable, rigid-cell type. The filter media shall be a high loft blanket composed of randomly oriented ultra-fine glass fibers laminated to a non-woven backing.

The filter media be continuously bonded to a heavy-duty, 28-gauge, corrosion-resistant, electrogalvanized steel, expanded metal grid with an open face area of not less than 95%.


Prefilters shall be the 2" or 4" medium efficiency(25-30%) pleated, disposable type, constructed with a non woven cotton media supported by an expanded metal support backing and enclosed in a heavy duty, high wet strenth board frame. The filter shall be the MARK 80-D* or hi E40 TM type.

Holding Frames:

Holding frames shall be constructed of heavy duty, 16-gauge galvanized steel with flush-mitered, welded corners. The frame shall be suplied with closed cell eps/polyethy/butyl gasket secured to the rear seating flanges of the frame. Each frame shall be supplied with positive sealing filter lockes. The holding frames shall be the PURO" Frame type.


Housing shall be side-servicing from either end through access doors fitted  with positive pressure trip lock  latches and gasketed inside doors, parallel to the filter track.  Housings shall be constructed of heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized steel. The housing shall be equipped with both a 2" prefilter track and a 1" final filter track. Each track shall be constructed of extruded aluninum combined with reinforced nylon pile air seals to created a crrosion-resistant, air-tight seal.


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