Compact Filter Box Type Air Filter

Compact Filter Box Type Air Filter

Compact box type filters are deep-pleated or V-shaped filters used for applications that require good IAQ and high comfort level and as preparatory filtration in cleanrooms. Full module standard size: 592*592mm and 610*610 mm(W*H) Frame material: Galvanized steel Media: Glass fibre
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Product Details

Compact Filter Box Type Air Filter

Product Advantage:

XN-DEEP air filter use high quality filter element to trap the airborne dust and dirt, including particles as small as grain of sand and provide longer lasting engine protection.

1, Low pressure drop

2, Robust metgal header frame

3, Large surface area

4, Rigid design concept

5,High dust holding capacity

6,,Sufficient capacity supply of air filter

7, Customer's and Logos on air filter boxes are welcome 

8, air filter OEM accepted 


  1. Air condition system

  2. Ventilate system

  3. Exhaust gas filter in paint exhaust system on the floor of dry spray booth

  4. Avoid tar coom and dust form high-temperatuer dryer

  5. Pharmaceutical factory, hospital, electronic factory food factory

  6. Car production line development

  7. Ultra-clean high-temperature oven

  8. Car spray paint baking temperature applications.

  9. Chemical, food factory etc industries


  1. The pleated filter surface and septum must be in a verticla direction. 

  2. Please read and strictly follow the "Installer " before installation and use.


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