High Efficiency HEPA Filter

High Efficiency HEPA Filter Frame : Aluminum alloy Material : Glassfiber Sealant : Polyurethane AB glue Trademark : SAF Temperature and Humidity : 80 degree ,80% Package : Carton box with plastic bag ,with plywood outside HS CODE : 8421399090 Origin : Shenzhen ,China
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High Efficiency HEPA Filter

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Material: Glassfiber

Sealant: Polyurethane AB glue

Trademark: SAF

Temperature and Humidity: 80 degree, 80%

Package: Carton box with plastic bag, with plywood outside

HS CODE: 8421399090

Origin: Shenzhen, China

High Efficiency HEPA Filter is mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended matter dust below 0.5 um. High efficiency HEPA filter production raw materials mainly use ultra-fine glass fiber paper as filter material, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials as cutting board, and wood frame aluminum alloy glued. Each of them is tested by flame method, which has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust capacity. The high efficiency air filter can be widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biological medicine, precision instruments, beverage food, PCB printing and other industries dust-free purification workshop air-conditioning terminal air supply. High efficiency filters and ultra-high efficiency filters are used in the end of clean room and various purification equipment. The structure can be divided into: high efficiency filter with partition, high efficiency filter without partition, high efficiency filter with large air volume, high efficiency filter, etc. The difference between high efficiency filter with partition and high efficiency filter without partition lies in production process and partition method.

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