Fiberglass Filter Spray Booth Filter

Filter Size: 20*0.6m/roll,50mm thickness;Color: White-Green Operating;Temperature: 80 degree;Other Dimension: Available in All Standard Pad,Rolls;Origin: China.
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Fiberglass Filter Spray Booth Filter

Size: 20*0.6m/roll, 50mm thickness

Color: White-Green

Operating Temperature: 80 degree

Other Dimension: Available in All Standard Pad, Rolls

Origin: China

spray booth filter (2)

Product characteristics: Fiberglass filter spray booth filter is composed of high strength continuous monofilament glass fiber with increasing structure and high capture rate; good compressibility, can keep its appearance unchanged, its filter fiber is good for storing paint fog dust; filter material is green and white; is elastic and low pressure, has excellent trapping efficiency for paint tight and dense. Filtration efficiency is g3-g4; humidity resistance, moisture resistance to 100% relative humidity; high temperature resistance 170℃; into rolls or sliceable supply. 

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