High Speed PVC Roll Up Door

High Speed PVC Roll Up Door

High Speed PVC Roll Up Doors are made from durable polyester PVC sheet with visible panels to provide a view of areas on the opposite side of the doors.
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Product Details

Specification of Roll Up Door

Product Name

High Speed Roll Up Door

Motor Power

0.75KW  5.5KW

Input Voltage

   220-240Vac 50Hz-60Hz  /380V 50Hz

Motor Brand


Opening Speed

0.8-1.5m/s Adjustable

Closing Speed

0.6-1.2m/s  Adjustable

Operation Mode

Remote Control, Wallswitch ,Magnetic Loop

Radar,Pull Rope ,Switch,Signal Lamp

Max Door Size


Curtain Thickness

0.8, 1.0, 1.2,1.5mm


Hardware  Materials


Frame and Cover Box-Galvanized steel or  304 stainless Steel

Track Guide - Galvanized Steel or 304SS or

Aluminum extrusion

Wind Resistance Bar - Aluminum Extrusion

Wind Resistance Bar - Aluminum Extrusion

Curtain - SIOEN high strengh polyester 

Textile fiber

Vision panel - 1.5mm thick 

transparent PVC

Safety Performance

Infrared Photo Sensor, Safety Airbag Edge Protection

Emergency Operation

Available with manual Crank

Control Box Finish

Powder coated Steel Or 304 Stainless Steel

Safety Class


Working Temp.

-25 to 65C

Operation Life

500,000 Cycles


1 Year for Electric Parts,

4 Years for Mechnical Parts

Package Details

Bar for Roll Up Door


Difference Colour Options 


Different Function for the High Speed Roll Up Door 

Roll Up door function

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