W Type Plastic Frame Air Filter

Designed t owithstand high velocities and turbulence and is excellent for many types of air handling systems. The rigid frane construction prevents damage to media for longer filter life. The filter performance, frame dimensions, and depth of V bank minipleat meet the requirments of standard air handling systems. Provides exceptionally low pressure drop(.36" ) at high efficiency levels(95%+/MERV 15) promoting significant energy savings Filter element is free of metal parts, elininating the risk of corrosion and punctures.we significant energy savings.
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W Type Plastic Frame Air Filter


Rigid V-bank air filter in combined type

1) Polypropylene plastic frame can be disposed by incineration

2) Big filtration area, low resistance and long life-span

3) Suitable for ventilation air condition systems

4) Use in high air volume applications up to 4000m3/h (25000 cfm)

5) Filtration efficiency grade: F6, F7, F8, F9(EN779)


  1. Low pressure Drop-Maximun economy;

  2. Large filter surface of 18㎡

  3. Extremely long service life

  4. Glass fiber paper- no fibre loss

  5. Self- supporting and rigid

  6. High bursting pressure, dust migration impossible

  7. Direction of air flow and installation can be chosen either way round

  8. Fully incinerable without pollutant emission

  9. Efficiency(Atmospheric)according to EN779, >96%

  10. All products are manufactured in Europe standards




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