Bag Filter F6

Model NO:SAF Certification:ISO9001 Bag Number:6P,8P Frame:Aluminum Alloy Color:Green Transport Package:Carton Origin:Shenzhen,China
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Product Details

Bag Filter F6

Bag filter F6 is mainly used for central air conditioning and centralized air supply system. It can be used for primary filtering of air conditioning system to protect the next level filter in the system and the system itself. In places where the requirement of air cleanliness is not strict, the air treated by bag filters can be sent directly to the user. Bag filters are widely used in the industrial purification of central air conditioning and ventilation system, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food and so on. Bag filters can also be used as the front-end filter of the HEPA Air Filter to reduce the load of the HEPA Air Filter and prolong its service life. 

Basic Info

Model NO: SAF

Certification: ISO9001

Bag Number: 6P, 8P

Frame: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Green

Transport Package: Carton

Origin: Shenzhen, China

Size: Can be customerized

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