Medium Efficency Bag Air Filter media

Medium Efficency Bag Air Filter 1,Main Features: Adopts reusable times. Responding to small resistance with a large air flow. Widely used in air conditioning system of intermediate filtration. 2,Outer Frame Material: Aluminum alloy, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Plastic and so on. 3, Filter...
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Synthetic HVAC  Air Filter Media Rolls, Multi-Layer Pocket Bag Air Filter F5-F9 

Pocket filter media is made from synthetic non-woven fabric, which has three layers, the first crude layer catch the bigger dust in the air , the thinner layer catch the smaller dust in the air, the outer layer is protective layer.

We manufacture air filter bags media divided into 5 types, A,B,C,D,E etc. there are many different of middle layer materials. This make customer have many choice of the bag materials without affecting the filter efficiency.The 3D structure of coarse fiber layers make the bag have high dust volume.

Applying ultrasonically weld to compound three layers of filter media together.The first crude fiber filter layer catches biggest dust in the air. The thin fiber catchs smaller dust. The outer is the protective layer. The excellent ultrasonically weld technology avoids the air flow leak caused by wind area, decreases the resistance and enlarges the dust volume.


White F5&F9/ GreenF6/ PinkF7/ YellowF8
Filtration GradeMedium filter   F5 45%, F6 65%,F7 85%,F8 95% F9 98%(Merv9,11,13,14
Medium materailSynthetic Fiber/ melt blown
StandardAccording to EN779 standard
DimensionWidth: 0.68m / length; Customized
Color White, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Purple or customized
TypeMedia roll for bag filters
Thickness5 ~8M
PorosityAround 5um
Rated Air Velocity5.33cm/s
Delivery TimeShipped in 10 days after payment
SealUltra sonically welded

Features & Performance:

1, Ultrasonic sealed, durabler and long service life

2, Low initial tesistance and high air flow volume

3, Anti-static material and high dust holding capacity

4, Stable performance, high melting point

5, Uniform color acording to EN779. easu tp distinguish

6, Safe material, non-toxic and odorless

7, Various models for selection

8, 15 years of professinal experience

9, Large dust holding capacity, long working life,even air flow

10, Air blow temperature is above 85°C Width is 0.6-0.75m

11, Bag length is requestefd by customers.

12, Washable.

13, Free samples available


Widely used in ventilation and air conditioning system, where large volumes of air are to be handled, applied to coarse and middle efficient bag filters.Using industries : precision instrument factory, enterprise, pharmaceutical workshop, spray-paint room

It's also used for intermediate filtration of central air conditioning ventilation system, air shower, clean room, hospital and food industry.

And  as secondary filters for facilities with ulpa requirements to reduce the load of HEPA filter and prolong the service life.


Filter-Media-for-Ashrae-Filter (1).jpg

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