Pocket Bag air filters Application

Galvanized Frame Bag Air Filter 1, Media material: New composite nonwoven fabric. 2, Frame material: Galvanized Steel. 3, Gasket: EVA 4, The highest temperature, humidity: 80C, 80%. 5, Similar Pictures: 6, Packing Method: Customized as your required.
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Product Details

Bag/Pocket Air Filter Description:
Filter media is a blanket composed of glass fibers and phenolic resin. Media is pink in color designating 85% filter efficiency. Application is designed to favricated into either pocket or pleated type HVAC-finishedd filter devices:

Central air conditioningF5-F7bag filter, mini pleat filter

High dust capacity, supply guarantee

Airport terminalF7bag filter, mini pleat filter
School, kindergartenF7bag filter, mini pleat filterfire protection
Clinic and wardF7~F8bag filter, mini pleat filterpreventin of cross infection
Museum and libraryF7bag filter, mini pleat filter
Audio-visual studioF7bag filter, mini pleat filter
ISO4`5 non-uniform flow clean roomF7bag filter, mini pleat filterTest by stage, no combustible materials
Pharmaceutical industry F7
bag filter, mini pleat filterFiter contains no microorganisms
Car coating G4~F7bag air filterNo silicone, no lose hair ,inflame
Electrostatic spraying F7~F8
bag filter, minpleat filterNo silicone, no lose hair
Central air-conditioning room, switchboard,central control roomF5~F7bag filter, minpleat filter
Chemical fiber drawing processF8Bag air filter
Spinning workshopG4~F7bag filtyer, electrostatic filter
Food industryF7bag filter, minpleat filterno microorganisms
Steel rolling main motorF7bag filterfire protection
Cigarette factory central air conditioningF7self-cleaning filtering device, bag filter
Gas turbine and centrifugal air compressorF7~F8
self-cleaning filtering device, bag filter,minipleat filter
Axial flow air compressorF5`F7bag filter, minpleat filter
Product filter:

The general use of the filter for the three,composite non-woven fabrics, synthetic fiber and glass fiber imports. 

Replacement cycle:

In the rated air use conditions, 3-4months to replace the filter; or when the filter resistance to 400Pa or more, you must replace the filter; ,Can be washed with water or a solution containing a neutral detergent, up to allow wash and to clean twice, that must replace with new filter. As use in high dusty environment. the life cycle will also be reduced. So regularly check the filter inlet surface if debris blocking, whether damage on the filter surface;

Features of synthetic fiber bag filter:

Large air volume

Resistance is small

High dust holding capacity

Sturdy structure

Frame: Aluminum of galvanized iron

Filter: Media density increase step by step

Temperature: 100

Humidity: 100%

Effective anti-static bag filter

Capture larger than 0.5um dust particles

Large filtratin area

High filtration efficiency

High dust holding capacity

Low resistance

Good ventilation

Long lasting, replaceble

Level: 45%, 65%, 85%, 95%